Leaders of the world spiritual and informational elite 

First time ever!

An exclusive elite seminar of the extra-class space scientist and educator with the world name of academician, doctor of biological and energy Sciences, full Professor, holder of the twelve international orders, the winner of the state and international awards, A. A. Kloss Ignatenko.

"Leaders of the world spiritual and information elite of the third Millennium"

For heads of government, congressmen, diplomats, public and political figures, employees of the administrative apparatus.

President Of The Slovak Republic
Rudolf Schuster, Slovakia

Corporate president CMX-Graddo
Alexander Tsakh and Tony brown,
the Czech Republic - USA

Tony Baldry, member of parliament
member of parliament UK

Reino Koskinen International Order
St. Constantine The Great.

training for the creation of highly spiritual and highly intellectual harmoniously developing conflict-free society and state. Development of methods of development and use of human reserve capabilities for survival in extreme conditions.

 You have a chance to become the world's first harbingers and leaders of a new evolutionary era of humanity. Conducting this unique seminar, Professor Ignatenko will give each of you the ancient and the most modern information KEYS to work with success motivation matrices. They have been tested in the closed laboratories of the world for 50 years and received worldwide recognition ->>


These matrix keys will allow each of you:

  • To become the world's best specialist in the field of psycho-information technologies (PSY-I. T.), and to rise to the highest social, social and economic levels.
  • To get the most valuable Divine Gift-100% health, eternal youth, successful, happy and joyful life.
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  • To use a new model of thinking. In contrast to the usual, using 1.5-3% of the potential abilities of the human system, this model uses 100% resource, accelerating 97-98,5% speed of implementation of vital programs.
  • To master the work with special matrices of super-motivation of a successful leader.
  • To understand the laws and mechanisms of negative and positive information, as well as to know the truth of the Essence of Being.

With regular work with matrices (2-3 minutes 2 times a day), the natural mechanism of 100% materialization of positive programs starts in the human system. It greatly accelerates the process of their practical implementation. This allows the shortest path with minimal time and physical effort to achieve the goal. In the process of working with matrices, a person develops a stable spiritual and moral stereotype of positive thinking, speech and action, allowing him to exclude the production and consumption of negative information in everyday life and at work.

Matrices will help you create the life that you have every right to, which is to you in dreams and to which you program your thoughts. So let it be safe and happy!

Plan of 2 courses of the seminar:

  1. The presentation of the film. Who owns the information, owns the world. Spiritual information is a great engine of progress. The Doctrine Of The Leader Of The New Golden Age>>.
  2. Cosmic eniopsychology is the science of man and the Universe.
  3. The discovery of secret top-secret abilities of an elite leader.

  1. Information is the primary source of life. Classification of information.
  2. Thought is material (photos of  materialized thoughts).
  3. Eniopsychological training is a method of controlling all the organs and systems of the body.
  4. Meditation "Your fate is in your hands".

  1. 12-level system of human consciousness and his Spirituality. Micro-Macro-Cosme. 12 spiritual and information laws of man.
  2. Bioinformatics and bioenergy of the person.
  3. Methods of increasing human energy potential. Exercises №1,2,3.
  4. New noosphere-star subinformation systems thinking - SST.


  1. Introduction and consolidation of a new thought complex.
  2. Practical development work with the new SST and its MATRIXES.
  3. Mobilization of hidden back-up opportunities to achieve financial success and social status. Practical methods of development of superintelligence, memory, will, commitment, consistency.
  4. Psycho-informational technologies (PSY-I. T.)in the service of the world community. Practical testing of the acquired knowledge. Foundations of the science of psychoinformationology.

    01.01.2019 București
    19.01.2019 Romania, Bucharest

  5. The development of mental methods of formation and transportation of matrices with subsequent implementation.
  6. Meditation "I am Micro -, Macro-space", which allows to increase the energy resource of matrices.
  7. Meditation "The Matrix of thought power, strength of spirit, strength of faith".
  8. Methods of working with different classes of supermotivation matrices of a successful leader.
    noosphere phantom
  9. Matrix methods of protection against negative information (personal, regional, global).
  10. Psycho-informational contact training on the development of personal magnetism (ability to attract people).
  11. Matrix of group and mass phenomena modeling. Nonverbal elected and the election of the psycho-informational technologies.
  12. Meditation of initiation into the Leaders of the world Spiritual and information Elite-the third Millennium.

After the end of the 1st course of the seminar a CERTIFICATE of international standard is issued.

After the end of the 2nd course of the seminar a DIPLOMA is issued.


On February 24, 2019, the world's first seminar in the series "Leaders of the World Spiritual and Informational Elite" was completed in Bucharest, Graduates received diplomas in specialty "Cosmic eniopsychologist-counselor" We congratulate all graduates and wish to be worthy leaders of the world community. 
The Presidium of the world Cosmohumanistic League of Nations, President of the WCLN, Professor A. A. Kloss-Ignatenko.




  • Development of socio-psychological management tools.
  • Diagnostics of group and mass phenomena.
  • Forecasting of social development.
  • Achievement of rapid, effective and conflict-free solutions to international problems.
  • Deepening international cooperation and understanding.
  • Creation of optimal conditions for the harmonious coexistence of all peoples and religions.
  • Improvement of the national gene pool.
  • Restoration of natural resources.
  • Sustainable economic development.
  • Gaining the authority of the International Community.
  • Reducing the cost of supporting the internal and external security of the country.
  • Strengthening the sovereignty of the country.
  • Crisis management.

The presidents of the countries, using these methods, acquire:

  • Love and respect of the people.
  • International recognition as a leader of the world community.
  • Perpetual government of the country.
  • Mental and physical comfort.
  • Long active life.
  • The possibility of the most complete self-realization.
  • Powerful psycho-information protection.
  • The ability of formation of psycho-informational programs, their long-range transport and subsequent implementation.
  • The indisputable authority of the Creator of the harmonious world order and its source.

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