Millenium activator anti-COVID-19 and anti-stress

Using the QR code on the activator card, you get to this special page for entering and pinning information in four matrices (small balls) of the activator, and transferring it to a large matrix (large ball). And then this matrix is transported to the opposite side of the activator to a large fiery gold-colored rotating ball (the divine matrix), which transfers your information for absolute realization, to the pyramid of the Creator.

This super strong divine matrix increases the energy and information potential of your body thousands and millions of times. It also opens up the genius abilities of a Person of The new Golden Age of the Creator. These abilities form a super strong immune system that destroys the COVID-19 virus and other harmful bacteria and viruses.

The Central nervous system, strengthened many times over, overcomes the negative information of the pandemic of panic and fear. It becomes absolutely healthy, stable, active and controlled by you. All organs and systems of the body are quickly cleared of decay products (metabolism), which in combination gives a person 100% health, eternal youth and a happy life.

Having received a super strong motivational tool in the form of a Fiery-Golden rotating Matrix of the Creator, constantly feeding us, like a powerful Divine accumulator located under the Pyramid of the Universe, which was transferred to us from the Universe for the implementation of a global project to prepare a person for the third Millennium.

You have a chance to get the world's most powerful psychoinformatics technology (PSY-IT) tested for 55 years in a number of closed laboratories in the USSR and other countries of the world, which with guaranteed results can resist COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria, pandemics of panic, fear and get a "System of survival in extreme conditions of the pandemic and life without stress".

The most powerful implementation tool for a person is his positive thinking apparatus. Unlike ordinary people, who use 3-5% of their reserve capabilities at the level of the subconscious - Soul, all goals are achieved very slowly. When working with matrices on a regular basis, the natural mechanism of 100% materialization of positive mental programs is triggered in the human system. It speeds up the process of their practical implementation many times over.

In the process of working with matrices, a person develops a stable spiritual and moral stereotype of positive thinking, speech and action, which allows him to exclude the production and consumption of negative information in everyday life and at work. You are the first earthlings to receive a 5-millionth additional matrix resource for the thinking apparatus that can work wonders with its positive power of thought. As well as several million times faster with minimal time and physical effort to achieve the goal. This is the huge difference between ordinary people and those who work with a 5-million matrix.

These matrices will help you create the life that you have every right to have, that you see in your dreams, that you program your thoughts for. So let it be safe and happy.

You have a chance sent by the Lord God, take it.

Good Luck!

Your Albert Alexey von Kloss-Ignatenko.


The structure of the Activator and the Pyramid of the Creator.

The activator consists of two sides A and B.

  Side A
NGA card bgd2020 96x69mm Layers

It contains the symbols of the Cosmohumanistic movement (Coat of arms and flag), Jesus Christ, St. Michael the Archangel, and St. John the Baptist. Panteleimon the Healer, pyramid of the Creator, Teacher, Fire-Gold divine Ball and three BIGs (bio-information generators)





  Side B 

ENG anti 600dpi 2mm back Layers

Basic color matrix – analogous to the human key system (five-step pyramid)

located in the Soul – subconscious.

4 Fire-Gold matrices (1,2,3,4) for receiving individual information with subsequent implementation. Large matrix (5) – accumulator of information embedded in it by four matrices (1,2,3,4), as well as a color matrix with a key. It is also a system for transporting all information to the rotating Fire-Gold Divine Ball, which transmits it to the Pyramid of the Creator for absolute realization.

13-level Pyramid of the Creator

piramida new2

The pyramid of the Creator located at the top of our Universe consists of 13 levels. Each of them consists of 10 sublevels - sectors. One sector has the information power and the speed of implementation of evolutionary programs - one million percent. While working with the activator, 5 sectors are activated, which automatically accelerate the implementation of all Your vital programs by five million times! You also get five million percent of different types of positive energy. For Your consciousness is information, it is an inextricably linked complex consisting of information, motion, energy, matter, space (S) and (T) time.


Method of working with The activator.

1) Sit in a comfortable chair, open the page "Millenium activator anti-COVID-19 and anti-stress" on your computer or smartphone, relax, and remember a few positive moments from Your life.
Take The activator in your left hand and mentally address the teacher with the Big in your hand: "Please include three bigs to strengthen the cells of my body. Please activate my new thinking apparatus – a color matrix with a key to access the Pyramid of the Creator and use its 5-millionth Divine resource while working with the Activator to defeat all negative manifestations in my life and our entire civilization. Thanks."The teacher who uses his 103 sector with a resource of 103 million percent, spontaneously accompanies You throughout the session. And at the end of the session, you get 5 pulses from the 103 sector within 5 seconds.  

2) Then turn on the video playback, where You will see a rotating ball and hear the Teacher's address. Position the Activator card with the "A" side facing you and the "B" side facing the screen at a short distance, from 5 to 10 cm. During this period, five matrices (1,2,3,4,5), as well as a color matrix with a key, are activated throughout the Teacher's request. During this process, your frequency characteristics are fixed in the matrices, which allows You to easily transmit all your mental programs to them. During this period, you and the matrix as two radio stations tuned to the same wave work in unison.

Please note: this video can only be viewed once within 24 hours. 

3) As the Teacher addresses, focus your eyes on the photo of Jesus Christ located on the "A" side of the Activator card and mentally send him a few key requests: "Please give all the inhabitants of the planet earth equality, brotherhood and freedom. Please release them from all negative information. Please give them the strength and courage to defeat all the world's evil. Thank you."

Then look at the image of the Holy Archangel Michael and ask Him to protect You and all the inhabitants of the planet earth from all kinds of negative information. Please direct your sword of justice and retribution to the original source of negative information on earth and in the universe. Thank you.

And in conclusion, turn your eyes to Saint Panteleimon the Healer and ask Him to heal you (if you are ill) and all the inhabitants of the earth, if not, give 100% health and active life. Thank you.

4) After the Teacher's request, you will hear different music. Deploy the activator side "B" to work with the matrices (1,2,3,4,5) and light with the key to enter targeted information that excludes forever – COVID-19, all types of viruses, bacteria, epidemics, pandemics, phobias, fears, panics and stress, all people of good will.

 Focus your attention on the matrix (1) and mentally enter information into it: the ABSOLUTE power of FAITH IN the CREATOR, the ABSOLUTE POWER of FAITH in YOUR ABILITIES, the ABSOLUTE POWER of FAITH IN YOUR VICTORY over ALL manifestations of EVIL. Mentally send the phantom of this matrix(1) inside the matrix (5) using the mantra "K...HA". The message is made in the second phase of the exhalation "...HA".

 Focus your attention on the matrix (2) and mentally enter the information: ABSOLUTE POWER of MIND and THOUGHT. THE ABSOLUTE POWER OF GOODNESS AND LOVE. ABSOLUTE POWER OF CONSCIENCE AND FORGIVENESS. ABSOLUTE WILLPOWER AND INTELLIGENCE. THE ABSOLUTE POWER OF CONSISTENCY AND FOCUS. Mentally send the phantom of this matrix(2) inside the matrix (5) using the mantra "K...HA". The message is made in the second phase of the exhalation "...HA".

 Focus your attention on the matrix (3) and mentally enter information into it: THE absolute STRENGTH of the IMMUNE SYSTEM and ALL the BODY's systems THAT win forever COVID-19, ALL TYPES of VIRUSES, BACTERIA, EPIDEMICS, PANDEMICS, PHOBIAS, FEARS, PANICS AND STRESS. Mentally send the phantom of this matrix(3) inside the matrix (5) using the mantra "K...HE". The message is made in the second phase of the exhalation "...HE".

 Focus your attention on the matrix (4) and mentally enter information into it: the absolute power of FAITH in the NEW Golden AGE of the CREATOR, the ABSOLUTE POWER of FAITH IN ETERNAL YOUTH and A HAPPY LIFE. ABSOLUTE STRENGTH IS THE BELIEF IN A BRIGHT COSMOHUMANISTIC FUTURE. Mentally send the phantom of this matrix(4) inside the matrix (5) using the mantra "H...HE". The message is made in the second phase of the exhalation "...HE".

When the 4th matrix is entered in matrix (5), say: "Thank you heavenly Father, I ask you to help implement all the programs, because they are aimed at the benefit of man, the earth and the cosmos."

Turn The activator towards you with the "A" side.

After the end of the music, attach the Activator to the center of your forehead and mentally say the phrase: "Teacher, please send me 5 energy-informational impulses from Your 103 sector."

Close your eyes for 10 seconds and you will feel pleasant streams of warm divine energy filling Your body from your head to the tips of your fingers and toes. "Thank you Teacher! I will use all my strength and skill for the benefit of the human being of the earth and the cosmos to build a New Golden Age of the Creator."


5) Lower the Activator and once again thank the Creator and all His Hierarchies for their help in defeating viruses, fears, and stress. Believers can say the word Amen and cross themselves three times.

The session is over.

Working time with the Activator is 5 minutes.


Before the session starts, mentally read the text of the matrix programs (1,2,3,4) three times, so that the programs are fixed in the four matrix balls, and during the session it does not take additional time to read them. So that you have time to enter the necessary number of positive programs for yourself, as well as relatives, friends and colleagues.

This is one of the simplest methods of working with this activator. To master more complex ones, there will be special online seminars. I wish you Love, Health and Good luck! 

Your personal activator is a pass to The new Golden Age of the Creator. In the age of healthy, active, fruitful, joyful, happy life and eternal youth.

I have dedicated this absolutely new psycho-informational technology in the world  to my beloved wife Nelly von Kloss-Ignatenko.


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