Program of Scientific and Educational SHOW
“The Magic Matrix of the Thought Power”

Before the speech, Professor Ignatenko disperses a large cloud for 4-5 minutes.

 I part of the program.

"Subinformational psychological technologies of the III Millennium"


  1. Demonstration of the film (10 min.) "Phenomenology, science, education".
  2. Memorization of 102-digit number (auditory memory).
  3. Photo memory. Memorizing a square filled with 25 digits and reproduction of  them in any order.
  4. Mind reading. The viewer thinks about any numbers, and Ignatenko calls them.
  5. Eniological and psychological training. Mastering the method of controlling the organs and systems of the body with the audience.
  6. Psychological and informational suggestion without words. A group of spectators invited to the stage, are telepathically inspired (without immersion in hypnotic sleep) for action: 
  • spectators go on stage for the artist, unable to stop;
  • their arms automatically go up;
  • feet stick to the floor, eyes and mouth close;
  • the usual comb becomes hot, and the chair-prickly;
  • viewers temporarily forget their name (call themselves Sophie Lauren, Louis de Funes, etc.).);
  • forget the multiplication table, see the illusory tree with apples and various drinks. 
  1. Non-contact kung fu kick. Being at a distance of 8-10 m from the viewer, the performer knocks him down (the viewer is picked up by assistants so that he does not hurt himself).
  2. Clairvoyance. The scientist brings the audience on stage to the level of vision of objects at a distance (they see their apartment, various cities at a great distance, begin to diagnose a person remotely by photo, phone, see the past and the future).
  3. Hallucinations without hypnosis. Spectators on the stage are in spaceships and make an intergalactic flight. They feel weightlessness, see different planets and the Earth (after the performance they still have the ability to carry out similar trips on their own). Then viewers land and find themselves in the forest. They become hunters, marksmen, steam in the sauna. Once behind the wheel of a car, motorcycle, plane, professionally master them without simulators and get (at an unconscious level) the program "accident-free driver". This program will work throughout life in automatic mode, reducing the accident rate by at least 78-90%. Then the audience find themselves in a restaurant where they eat delicious food, having fun. Once in the stadium, they are expansively rooting for their team. While in the cinema, watching a very funny comedy film (acquiring a large number of endorphins, hormones of happiness). All actions are performed dynamically (with music), fun, correct and relaxed.

At the request of the audience, the abilities that they have acquired on stage, are fixed by the scientist for life.

II part of the program.

"Beauty, health, youth"

Life time management matrix. 

  1. A new model of human thinking of III Millennium. Mastering the Subinformational complex of Thinking and obtaining a Matrix of thought  power, active longevity and success in life.
  2. Exercise for a healthy lifestyle "Fisvocalis".
  3. Meditation of confession, repentance, forgiveness, joy, protection and deliverance from all kinds of negative information.
  4. Mastering the exercises to work with the energies of 5 great Spirits (Sun, Water, Air, Earth and Fire). Meditation.
  5. Exercise number 1 on bio-energy-recharging the body. Meditation.
  6. Mastering exercises to improve the quality of communication between the two hemispheres of the brain.
  7. Mastering the system of survival in extreme conditions of life. Meditation.
  8. Universal meditation of 100% health, eternal youth, successful and joyful life.
  9. The ritual of spiritual initiation and consolidation of the Matrix of thought power, active longevity and success in life.
  10. The final. With Us to the New Golden Age of the Creator.

The program of parapsychological phenomena is shown in many countries: in Japan, USA, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Thailand, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.

According to experts in the field of parapsychology, the program of the academician has no analogues in the world practice.

In many countries Mr. Ignatenko’s programmes gather his captive audience. Over a million spectators applauded the performance skill of this great master of parapsychology. They were delighted with striking dynamics of the performance, with the filigree adjustment of suggestive «staging»: here the scientists waves his hand, and the volunteers experience the state of weightlessness, inhale the fragrance of exotic flowers, taste delicious dishes... There the master only gives a mental command — and. without falling hypnotically asleep, the experiment participants move around the stage, being unable to stop, their feet glue to the floor, they reveal the talents of opera singers and pop stars, see their homes at a distance and learn the events that aregoing to happen to them during a year’s span; they see their previous lives, start diagnosing an unknown man in the photo or on the phone, searching for water, minerals, buried treasures at a distance, predicting terrestial cataclisms, etc. If the spectators wish so, the abilities acquired on stage are fixed for them by the scientist forever.

The audience watch the stage carefully. They are enchanted, they can not tell art from science. Everybody, who has ever attended Mr. Ignatenko’s performance, is persuaded in the enormous power of his positive effect on people. His shows of mass psychoenergysuggestion with the application of planetary, karmic and spiritual medicine take off headaches, normalize the blood pressure, improve the memory and speech, wake up hidden psychic reserves, reveal creative potentialities, strengthen human energetics, take off negative information, heal the worst deseases, make the human body younger and the life longer. You can experience the above effects by yourselves if you come to see his programme.

Academician A. Ignatenko generously shares the knowledge, acquired for years of his selfless activities, with the audience. This knowledge is sometimes so invaluable that when the Japanese television was shooting Mr. Ignatenko’s parapsychological phenomena, one of the producers said: «This man seems to have a certain mission on Earth».

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