The basis of the project is
Cosmohumanist Doctrine of Peace

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The Universe, Earth and Human created according to the Creator’s Uniform Informational Laws. The Human knowing and following these laws lives in a harmony both with himself and society, all forms of life, the Earth, Water, the Sun and entire Universe. These Laws conform to the rules of morality and ethical code and do not contradict with the basic religions. Following, realization and implementation of the aforesaid are very important for the Human’s Ego fulfillment.

The World Cosmohumanistic Doctrine offers the Earthmen 12 Spiritual Informational Laws which are the Genuine Civilization Values of Life steeped in Ancient Spirit of the Rus. These Laws remove all negative Life’s phenomena causing diseases, premature senility, and personal degradation. All negative phenomena as wars, extremism, revolutions, fundamentalism, and chauvinism affect both the Human and the Earth, including all life forms. Therefore, the Mankind should get rid of the aforesaid entirely.

  Dear Presidents of countries, members of Parliaments, and all the progressive Mankind!
Having accepted these Laws, you will take the lead in the new Cosmohumanistic Civilization of the Earthmen.
Keys to these Laws have the power to save the Earth and the Human Civilization.

Saving of our civilization is above any governmental ambitions.
The Mankind shall survive when it realizes the concept of the Human phenomenon,
namely, its exchange of substance, energy, and information with the environment.
Concept the Cosmohumanistic Doctrine




For heads of government, congressmen, diplomats,scientists, public and political figures, workers of the administrative apparatus.

Goal: creating a highly spiritual and highly intellectual harmoniously developing conflict-free society and state. Learning of methods for development and use of the reserve capacity of a person to survive in extreme conditions.

The Golden Age sciences provide clues to methods that extend the capabilities for:

  • Development of socio-psychological means of control.
  • Diagnostics of  group and mass phenomena.
  • Forecasting of social development.
  • Achieving fast, efficient and conflict-free solutions to international problems.
  • Deepening international cooperation and understanding.
  • Creating optimal conditions for the harmonious coexistence of all peoples and faiths.
  • Improving the national gene pool.
  • Restoration of natural resources.
  • Sustainable economic development.
  • Gaining credibility Of The International Community.
  • Reducing support costs for  internal and external security of the country.
  • Strengthening the country's sovereignty.
  • Resolving crisis situations.

The presidents of the countries who apply these techniques acquire:

  • The love and respect of the people.
  • International recognition as the leader of the world community.
  • The indefinite administration of the country.
  • Mental and physical comfort.
  • Long active life.
  • The most complete self-realization.
  • Powerful psycho-informational protection.
  • Authority above expection of the creator of a harmonious world order
  • and its source.


The President Of The Slovak Republic
Rudolf Schuster and Professor A. A. Kloss-Ignatenko
(one of the business meetings, 2000.)



  • Spiritual and informational essence of life.
  • The place and role of Man in the Cosmic Evolution.
  • Basics of cosmology and energoinformatics.
  • The project "Formation of Man and Cosmohumanistic Civilization Golden Age".
  • Physical-energetic-informational human anatomy.
  • Development of super-intelligence (12 levels of consciousness).
  • Introduction and consolidation of a new model of the mental apparatus - sub-informational complex of thinking (SCM).
  • Methods of working with different types of matrix programs.
  • Methods of working with different types of energy.
  • Methods of bioenergetic charge of a person. Exercises # 1 and # 2.
  • Methods of eliminating fatigue.
  • The development of intuition (the ability to foresee danger).
  • Methods of concentration and meditation.
  • Forecasting life situations.
  • Development of enioprograms "Accident-free Driver, Pilot, etc.".
  • A rapid method for the regulation of biorhythms.
  • Methods of development of endurance, reaction speed, super-strength, determination and will.
  • Methods to improve all types of memory.
  • Development of eniopsychological abilities: telepathy, clairvoyance, the withdrawal of the astral body.
  • Psychological and informational protection (individual, group, territorial, global).
  • Eniopsychological training  – auto-express  method of management of physical, energetic and informational systems of the person.
  • Removing negative emotions and stress.
  • Developing  100% self-confidence and confidence in individual capabilities.
  • Elimination of fear.
  • Self-regulation and restoration of organs and systems.
  • Self-treatment of neuroses.
  • The development of a comprehensive method of active aging.
  • Eniocontact training (development of abilities to attract people).
  • Eniomethod of  eliminating unhealthy habits.
  • Eniomethod of  "Entering into the dream",
    which allows during natural sleep
  • to solve the most difficult problems in life.

International Order of Constantine The Great
Reino Koskinen and A. A. Kloss-Ignatenko



  • Fundamentals of psychoinformationology.
  • Reprogramming of difficult situations.
  • Reflection of psy-kicks.
  • Positive cosmic  psychoinformational impact at a great distance (using photos, phone, image).
  • Psychosuggestive methods of personal reorientation (removal of negativism, aggression, etc.).
  • Security methods of influence to a hazardous person (modeling conditions, contractures-the stillness of all muscle groups of the body, temporary paralysis, loss of sense of spatialization, etc.).
  • Cosmic  psychoinformational programming (stabilization and elimination of the earth, near the earth, social and cosmic cataclysms).
  • Learning  of express psychocorrectional methods for use in normal and extreme conditions (instant hypnosis).
  • Suggestive pedagogics  for administrative and management personnel.
  • Methods of work on the creation of the international image.
  • Psychogolographic express methods of remote influence on a human (creating hallucinations).
  • Practical learning of the program "Key to success and eternal youth".

Cosmic enioufology:

  • Learning of methods of improving the quality of energoinformational connection with  different Extraterrestrial Civilizations.
  • Acquisition of code keys for the connection (on the conscious level) with Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

During the passage of the seminar the correction of the body is made, the system of health and active longevity is mastered that allows you to live a healthy, large and fruitful life.


    Objective: learning  and using new, intensive pedagogical methods of education and training.

    Psycho-informational pedagogics is the main focus of this project in the education and training of Golden Age Man. It has new knowledge about man and teaching methods. Without the transformation of orthodox pedagogy wewill fail in the super-information society of the 21st century to prepare professionals who could meet the high demands of modern society.

    These methods will allow in the shortest possible time to solve the problem of increasing criminality, aggression and violence, deterioration of interpersonal relationships and intolerance, manifestations of racial and national discrimination, family breakdown, drug addiction, alcoholism and other negative phenomena.

    On the basis of knowledge about the human body (the Microcosm) as a complex physico-energy-informational system, and the Universe (the Macrocosm) with its universal Laws by which we should live, eniopedagogues will receive the keys to understanding the Essence of Being, which are the basis of the pedagogics of the future. Learning of psycho-informational methods of teaching allows the teacher to rise to a qualitatively new level of teaching, education and formation of Human of The Future.

This program provides an opportunity to:

  • develop of the phenomenal abilities of teachers and students;
  • implementation of programs of intensive methods of teaching in the preschool, school and academic education, based on the application of the Golden Age Sciences;
  • learning of high-speed methods of education and reeducation (reorientation) using psycho-informational programming;
  • implementation of preparing of eniopedagogues to the education of future mothers of psycho-informational system of supporting, the normal development of the child's body, pregnancy and painless childbirth;
  • training eniopedagogues for child care centers on programming cultural and aesthetic skills, raising of the intellectual and psycho-spiritual level of the children;
  • integrated programmes of health protection of children, as an integral part of educational programs;
  • wide involvement of eniospeciaists in the field of medicine of  the future, curative pedagogics, eniopsychoanalytic therapy, astrology, etc.;
  • use of a single integrated complex enioprograms and technologies of  continuous development and learning of children (from kindergarten to University).



Goal: to improve significantly the overall health status of the population and prolongation of active life of a person up to 150-200 years.

Psycho-informational program of diagnostics, correction, treatment and prolonging the active life of man:

  • Psychosuggestive therapy – remotely (regardless of distance), a wordless form of correction of all body systems.
  • Space medicine – the use of energy of intergalactic systems for transportation (regardless of distance) of treatment programs and their subsequent implementation.
  • Karmic medicine – work with the energy-informational structures of subtle material worlds, with programs of  accelerated working out of karma (negative information).
  • Bioenergetic therapy and bioenergetic diagnostics – the use of bioenergetic programs for contact and remote diagnostics and treatment at the cellular level.
  • Psycoprogramming – programming of mental sphere of the patient (improvement of the quality of communication between the two hemispheres of the brains, removal of excessive excitation and inhibition, a complete normalization of the central nervous system).
  • Psychospiritual healing is the formation of spiritual and moral world of the patient with the help of prayers and mantras (sounds).
  • Suggestive therapy – verbal method of introducing only positive information and its subsequent implementation. Treatment of logoneurosis, nocturnal enuresis, drugs and alcohol addictions, other functional diseases.
  • Eniotherapy – correction of physical-energy-informational structure (the 12 levels of consciousness).
  • Lepton-informational therapy – formation of programs of health, transportation and fixing at the level of the energy-informational fields of the subtle material worlds.
  • Laughter therapy – treatment by endorphins ("hormones of happiness"), using special programs.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Color therapy – treatment by colored disks.
  • Remote and contact bioenergetic manual therapy.
  • Informational reflexotherapy (treatment of paralysis, congenital deafness, blood strokes, etc.).
  • Meditational therapy – conduction of special meditations by highly spiritual specialists.
  • Psychoenergyholographic treatment and diagnostics of "CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME", "SYNDROME of NIGHT HANDS", "RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME".


  • Methods of purification of organs and systems of a man from  toxins and stopping the cells aging process.
  • Biopsychiс correction of the immune, endocrine and central nervous system.
  • Energoinformational correction of aural, mental and spiritual levels of human consciousness and his chakras system.
  • The development of spiritual and moral level – eniosystems of a person through a special meditation, prayer and revelation.
  • Psychoholgraphic correction of all body systems – introduction of holograms of health and longevity.
  • Psychosuggestive methods of activation of internal reserves of the organism which is non-verbal method of dealing with physical-energy-informational level.
  • Cosmopsychosuggestive correction of karma – the learning of methods for accelerated working out of karma (negative information).
  • Eniopsychotraining is a method which allows simulating one’s longevity and health.
  • Psycho-informational therapy is a nonverbal form of placing the programs at informational levels (subtle body) and informational cells of subtle material worlds.
  • Reprogramming of life program of a man, the introduction and consolidation of the program of active aging.

The use of these environmentally friendly methods will allow for a short period of time to achieve the maximum therapeutic and preventive results. The treated people learn rapid methods of management of all the systems of their body, increase mental and physical, intellectual and spiritual levels, will live a healthy,  large, fruitful and happy life.



Purpose: the solution of environmental problems of a man, his Soul, the Earth, environment and Space.

This can be achieved by using the most advanced methods of psycho-informational programming:

  • development of ultra-sensitivity (at the conscious level) that contributes to the vision of subtle material  worlds and communication with them;
  • cleanup of physical-energy-informational structures of the Body, Soul and spirit from negative information;
  • development of methods of holistic perception of the Universe that allows to create a highly moral person;
  • individual and collective protection of people from cosmic zombieing;
  • acceleration of neutralization of radioactive waste and the reduction of the radioactive background;
  • predict earthly cataclysms and natural phenomena, their migration into the sparsely populated areas of the Earth;
  • search for new sources of clean energy;
  • search for minerals and groundwater without disturbing the natural balance;
  • reprogramming of unhealthy zones, geophysical and biomolecular cleaning, restoration of Water, Land and Outer space;
  • the creation of jobs with controlled bioenergetic habitat most conducive for physical, spiritual and intellectual work, which will allow to greatly increase efficiency and having high healing effect.


Objective: transition of legislation to the adoption of the Spiritual-evolutionary Laws for their introduction into all spheres of activity, using VCON the institutes for the study of Man, Earth and Space, which will accelerate the adoption of the Project concept.


Objective: in a short amount of time to substantially reduce the number of offenses. To solve the problem of education and rehabilitation of offenders. To reduce the risk factor of workers of law enforcement bodies and special services. To raise the professional level.

Reducing the number of offences may be achieved by identifying the true causes of the negative growth effects of deception, cruelty, violence, terrorism and adventurism. Knowing the mechanism of the emergence of these negative factors, having a psycho-informational technologies, specialists are able to avoid them.

An important factor to reduce violations is the systematic education of the broad masses of the population and the clarification of mechanisms of action of various kinds of negative information received through various channels (TV, radio, press etc.). Plots of thrillers and fighters are models of cruelty and violence, which on an unconscious level are remembered (especially by children), and in affective state are often implemented. Special departments of law enforcement agencies must control together with the authorities, the media, watching their ecology.

The level of crime can be reduced through the training of professionals and enio informational programs that will be able to refocus people towards Love and Goodness, compliance of Space and Public Laws.

The application of methods of Golden Age sciences gives the opportunity for:

  • Education of curators eniosychologists using high-speed methods of psycho-informational programming and reorientation in the systematic work with the public.
  • Using high-speed suggestive methods of working with offenders to change their value orientation.
  • Learning of methods of bioenergetic recharging of the body and eliminating the fatigue.
  • A significant increase of health and effectiveness.
  • Learning of methods for eliminating stress, fear and uncertainty.
  • Increasing concentration and improving all types of memory.
  • The development of intuition and clairvoyance.
  • The acquisition of psycho-informational protection.
  • Learning the health and longevity system.
  • Development of intelligence and superconsciousness.
  • Using methods of the fullest possible realization of "Path to success".


Purpose: study and development of new economic models that promote economic growth and introduction of new environmentally friendly technologies for life support.


Purpose: truthful and professional coverage of events in different spheres of human activity taking into account knowledge of the laws of influence of information on the body and psyche of the society.


Purpose: mobilization of reserve possibilities of the athlete in extreme conditions of training and competition without health damage; a substantial reduction of the period of teams training (athletes) to world class level, prevent injuries, illnesses, achieving high performance in employment and other activities, ensuring reliability in achieving the highest results; improve spiritual, moral, emotional, cultural, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and energy-informational levels of a person.

sportstar1 sportstar2 sportstar14

The program includes several stages of psychoinformational programming:

  • Sports eniopsychotraining.
  • Psychosuggestive express method of determining the level of special training of athletes in the conditions of natural training.
  • Eniosuggestive correction of the plan of training of the athlete.
  • Development of practical recommendations for optimizing the training of athletes for the highest results.
  • Psychoholographicl management techniques of special training athletes in a training session, microcycle and annual cycle.
  • Psychosuggestive methods to predict specific sport results and their implementation in the training cycle and sports competitions (the work of a specialist may be distant).
  • Cosmopsychoinformational methods of monitoring the condition of an athlete during training and competition:
  • suggestive pedagogical,
  • physical-energy-informational,
  • enio-psychological,
  • cosmopsychoinformational.
  • Psychosuggestive Express-method of working out of technical skills (time expenditure is reduced by 60-70%).
  • Special methods of strengthening the bioenergetical potential of the athlete to increase physical strength, reaction speed, concentration and a high degree of efficiency.
  • Psychological and psychosuggestive programming of an athlete at a high result, a beautiful aesthetic game, avoiding injury and quick recovery.

Cosmopsychoinformational methods of development and use of super abilities of the athlete:

  • intuition (a sense of danger and avoiding it, the prediction of the actions of the partner and the rival),
  • creative individuality,
  • psyhoprogramming,
  • high class game and super-concentration,
  • 100% programming of own psychic sphere on a successful athletic result and avoiding the stress,
  • ability to "run away" from time (not feel it),
  • psycho-informational protection.

Integrated application of this the program will allow in 6-10 months to push any team (athlete) in the category of the best in the World.

      sportstars3               sportstars5            sportstars1

     sportstars4                   sportstars2                 sportstars6



1981-1984 – Lithuania, Estonia – preparation of the USSR national team in rowing for World Cup.

1982-1983 years – Moscow, Russia – the training of the junior USSR national team in rowing to the “Big Moscow regatta”.

1984-1994 years – Ukraine, Nikolaev – preparing athletes for the national Championships and World Greco-Roman wrestling.

1995 – Ukraine, Nikolaev – training sport couples of League of professional ballroom dancing for International tournament-95”.

1984-1996 years -- Anatoly Romaniuk (Ukraine, Nikolaev) – World Cup champion, the champion of the USSR, the champion of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling in the weight category of 52 to 57 kg.

1997-2000 - Jaroslav Gabor (Slovakia, Poprad) – three-times champion of Slovakia Kick-boxu in weight category of 75 kg.

1997-1998 - Isidore Tanasov (Moldova, Chisinau) – instructor of international class Taekwon-do (ITF), 5th Dan.

1998-2000 years - Jaromir Jagr (Czech Republic, Prague) is one of the best hockey the NHL team captain “PITTSBURG PENGUINS”.

2000-2002 – Monica Kralove (Czech Republic, Prague) – team member of the Junior figure skating Championships.

2002-2004 – Miroslav Sylar (Czech Republic, Chomutov) – athlete-marathon international class.

2002-2004 – President Skutans (Latvia, Riga) – finalist in the world Junior championship in sports dancing, five-time champion of Latvia in the program of 10 dances.

2003 – Football club Slavia (Czech Republic, Prague) – preapation to Cup games.


REZ 1053new gold age

Co-organization of the Third World Wrestling Cup of in Almaty.   Awardingofthewinners

REZ 1056 new golden age

Working with Yaroslav Habor,
the three-time champion of Slovakia


Nina Jakushevskaya

Development of Nina Yakusheva’s creativity,
a soloist of the State Academy of
Theater and Ballet named after Musorgskiy,
a laureate of the Izabella Yurieva
International Competition,
Saint-Petersburg (2001-2004)

    Purpose: to raise the cultural, aesthetic, intellectual, psychical & physical and spiritual levels of people which facilitate the harmonious development of personality, by means of variety of genres of art. Basing on the knowledge of the energy & information exchange in the nature and the Space, eniopainters can create such masterpieces which can influence people both aesthetically and therapeutically (the human’s physical & energoinformational structure). Art positively influence the thinking process and behavior and sets the human on the Faith, Love and Kindness. Scientific research confirms that the sound and graphic vibrations (waves) affect our psychical & emotional scope of the conscious and unconscious levels. Just listening to a specially selected (taking into account the individual characteristics of a person) music greatly improves the parameters of the human soul. Actors of the theater and cinema, stage and circus, radio and TV staff, directors and operators are able to (using new scientific achievements made by Enio-Sciences) to create spiritual and moral masterpieces which cause a positive, reorientation of viewers and listeners. Their works facilitate understanding and implementation (in verbal and non-verbal levels) of imagery and semantic information, reveal of the creative potential of people, cleaning of the Soul and the Spirit, attainment of true faith in themselves and their capabilities.


Basova G., a famous ballet-dancer
and now Cosmohumanist Enio-teacher

    Artworks showing positive models of solving of difficult life situations through Love and Kindness, give each viewer the unobtrusive tips. Thanks to enioart, we can quickly accelerate the development of the creative potential of each individual and provide the opportunity to actively participate in the transformation of society. New works are able to arouse the viewer's state of creative ecstasy, satisfaction and happiness, except artificial stimulants (drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc.).

   Unfortunately, some of the contemporary art is a mirror of the growing moral and spiritual crisis with a negative vision of the future, with the models of violence that causes passivity and loss of interest in self-realization and social life of the population. It's not an environmentally friendly art which should play a significant role in formation of positive emotions, thought, culture, ethics, and aesthetics. Enioart of the future can create new spiritual and moral works which have a favorable impact on the individual and his harmonious development.

solistka new gold age skripachka new gold age  hudozhnica new gold age
  Development of creativity of the famous singer, Sisa Sklovskaya, and violinist, Svetlana Pekhoushkova (1998 – 2003)  Liudmila Ivanovna Meshkova, a national painter of Ukraine, an outstanding monumentalist /ceramist, cosmohumanist


Purpose: development and creation of new architectural forms containing spiritual and moral information and the use of colors and other sources that facilitate the human evolution.


Purpose: improvement of the quality and amount of agricultural production, obtaining of raw materials for production of organic food using the psychical & suggestive and holographic programming.
This program may be realized by:

  • restoration of the soil;
  • psychoinformational change of genetics of agricultural cultures;
  • programming of microclimate in regions (amount of precipitation, temperature of the air and soil);
  • strengthening of the bioenergetical structure of all systems and animals’ organs which allow rising of the productivity and quality of the meat and milk products and decreasing the animals’ death.


Purpose: achievement of smooth operation of all types of the air, land and underground transport regardless of climatic and weather conditions; reduction of accidents; forecasting of reasons of emergency situations and their timely removal.
For the above purposes, the following methods may be learnt:

  • Psychical & suggestive programming which improves concentration and increases the reaction rate for drivers, pilots, astronauts, air traffic controllers, etc
  • Eniopsychical training - techniques of getting out of crisis (emergency) situations with minimal risk to people and equipment.
  • Development of intuition to predict difficult situations and technical problems of vehicles.
  • Development of methods to increase the bio-energy, physical strength, elimination of fatigue, relieve of stress and gain of self-confidence.
  • Bio-informational express methods of assistance to victims.
  • Dispersion of thunderstorm clouds and fog (within 15-20 minutes) being in the immediate area of the object or thousands of kilometers far away.

     “One person is the whole of humanity in miniature. Therefore, the people in the development of the mankind is the mankind scaled down. So when we talk about the individual, we mean a person as a seed. When talking about society, we mean that this seed began to grow. When talking about the people, we understand that the seed started growing, and when we talk about humanity in its entirety, we have in mind that this seed is branching and gives flowers and fruits. If we understand life like this, we will get to know that each of us is a necessary and important personage in the mankind "- Petr Dynov.
    Dear soul friends! The World Cosmohumanistic League of Nations invites you to participate in the implementation of the Project’s programs. Be ready! Sun of the Life rises, and everyone needs to take advantage of it. Start thinking, working and making Love in the Life. Making Love is the work!

Conscious life will come through Love
Light intellectuality will come by the law of Wisdom
Strong will and freedom of the mankind will come by the law of the Truth
Conscience, sympathy, intelligence, compassion, and culture will come by the law of Kindness”

    These are the Absolute Laws which we can use to build the Cosmohumanistic Civilization of the Creator’s New Golden Age. Petr Dynov taught: "Do as the light goes: it leaves its life and does not say it loves. Do as an apple-tree goes: its gives itself to everyone. Do as the source goes: it gives itself to all. Distribute all yourself to get all!"

   This is another key to understanding the essence of Existence given to us by the Creator through the Supreme Trinity Spiritual Teachers - Petr Dynov, Omraam Michael Aivanhov, Archbishop Luke, Archbishop Vladimir, St. Alexis - the Man of God, as well as many other Spiritual Guides. Yes awaken in each of you the Creator's Light of Truth! May God help each of you to master the World Cosmohumanistic Doctrine and become the real Peacemaker and Peacebearer of the Third Millennium.

                                                                           The author of the project Alexey Albert von Kloss-Ignatenko

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