1) New model of the universe with its subtle material inhabitants (1998)

model universe web

2) New model of the subtle noospheric world. (1998)

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3) New model of Macro-Microcosm system (1997)

147 shema cosmo 11 2019

4) New PSY-I system of functioning of evolutionary and involutional information in 10 sub-worlds of the first world. (1998)

Noosfera Karma Plazma 5 ZOOM web


5) The new model of the pyramid of the Creator (1998)

piramida tvorca web 02 10

6) New PSY-I model system of human consciousness. (1997)

12 level s 11 2019

7) New classification for all types, forms, classes and levels of subtle and gross material information. (1997) (for graduates)

8) Three science a New Golden age of the Creator: Сosmonoeniopsychology, Psychoinformationology and Cosmonoenioufology. (Registered in 1999) more>>

9) New PSY-I system of human interaction with the universe. (1997)

ATLAS Chakra Universum new

10) New bioinformatics model of human consciousness system. (1997)

A9R1510 web 2019


11) a New system of subtle negative information accumulation in 24 subworlds - 8 worlds of the Universe. (1996)

10 2019

12) Global PSY-I systems to reduce negative information in the population of the globe and the universe.  (1991) (for graduates)

13) New model of 10 subinformational complexes of thinking. (1996)

MAN Chakra 2


14) New pyramid-matrix PSY-I system for opening mini-informational centers at fingertips. (2003) 

matrix hand

15) New pyramid-matrix PSY-I system of opening of mini-informational centers at the tips of the toes. (2003)

matrix nog

16) New atomic-molecular model of a man. (2012)

simple model soznania web 2019

17) New model of the human system, with its laws and a new subinformational complex of thinking. (SCM) (2004) 

new shema web 05 11 2019

18) a New psycho-informational model of human thinking and life. (1997) more>>

19) New noospheric-stellar matrix model of human thinking apparatus-subinformational complex of thinking (SCT 1 and SCT 2) (1998)


20) New PSY-I 5-and modular (5 elements) system of subinformational complex of thinking. (2007)

Pyramida 5 Elements web 11 2019

21) New PSY-I technology to activate the five keys of the human system. (2018)

Activator VIP Prestige RUS Sample1 web

22) New model of the absolute subtle matrix PSY-I of genome of eternal youth and life. (2014)

clock2 web

23) New absolute model of PSY-I life time management system. (2014) more>>

clock1 web

24) New life event simulation system (2016)


25) New absolute matrix of fate modeling "CREATOR CODE" with 10 matrix activators.  (2016)

10 Pyramids RUS 2018 Sample 1

10 Pyramids RUS 2018 Sample 2

26) New pyramidal matrix PSY-I technology of local self-healing of human organs and systems. (2019)

Activator VIP Prestige RUS Sample2

27) New pyramidal matrix PSY-I technology for rehabilitation specialists in contact and remote restoration of all organs and systems of the person. (2019)

full aktivator2 image 2019 04 21 web2 1 2019

28) New PSY-I technology to increase the bioenergoinformational potential of humans and all forms of life, as well as to transfer and consolidate the frequency characteristics of the field of individuals on the personal cards of their activators. (1982)

BIG 900px v1

29) New system of telepathic (nonverbal) transmission of information. (1997)

SKM Vertikal web 10 2019

30) New system of pyroscopic receiving telepathic information from the Great Saint Prophetess Vanga. (18.09.2015 year in 9:17 in the city of Moscow the card admission card completed)

29 world map 10 2019

31) "PSY-I. T. systems control the earth's climate". (1985-1991) more>> (video up to 14 minutes 14 seconds)

32) Global system for elimination of terrestrial, near-earth, social and space cataclysms. (1997) more>>

33) Absolute system of 8 PSY-I forms of remote impact on humans and the environment. (2015) (for graduates)

34) A new system hierarchy of 48 evolutionary extraterrestrial civilizations. 24 civilizations under the control of Sirius (code 758) and 24th civilization of Orion (code 358). (1991)

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35) "Global Absolute System of Civilization Control." (2006)

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