Forms and methods of transfer of matrix programs in the field of sports, climate and medicine.

One of the many experiments of remote practical work was carried out by me at the request of the Director of the St. Petersburg sports Committee Andrey Golubkov during the live television broadcast of the Cup football match between the teams "Zenit" and Moscow "Dynamo" (26.05.99, St. Petersburg). At the 14th minute of the 2nd half the team "Zenit", which at that time was losing with the score 0:1, was given a seven-minute psycho-informational assistance. Instantly, the situation on the field changed, as a result of which the Zenit team won with a score of 3:1. A few hours before the match, a group of scientists was drawn up, signed and sealed in an envelope act, which was specified exactly such an account in favor of Zenit.


Introduction and consolidation of a new sub-information model of thinking by the BIH apparatus

This made it possible to fix the pre-programmed result.

Generator Bio Informational - GBI

Bio information generators - BIG

Similar experiments on remote provision of psycho-informational assistance to athletes and teams have been carried out many times. Using these universal psycho-information technologies of the MEX system, you will see on the models of sports, pedagogy, medicine, art, the reality of their application in all spheres of activity. Through practical application you will be able to better understand the principles of their work. Good luck!

In the application of these psycho-information technologies in the field of medicine a huge number of different methods is used during the remote work. In 1996, during a critical state of health (malignant lung tumor) in the Czech President Vaclav Havel, I applied a similar method, which allowed to cure his disease for three to four weeks. In 2000, I used more modern techniques to treat Slovak President Rudolf Schuster. In recent years, my students and I have been using these methods with good, reliable results. These technologies are universal, they give health, youth, discovery of abilities. You can get even more advanced technologies at seminars and master classes and become peacemakers and peacekeepers of the III Millennium.

Using the world's most advanced psycho-informational technology (PSY-IT), experts are able to remotely (at any distance) to form weather conditions; change the climate; manage society; positively affect the earth's magma, reducing the strength and number of volcanic eruptions; positively affect the structure of the Earth (pentagonal platform), reducing the strength and number of earthquakes; positively affect the water, locally or globally reducing the strength and number of water disasters; positively affect the air, reducing the strength and number of air disasters; positively influence the sun, reducing the power of negative information quanta and increasing the power of positive radiation. Using super-strong matrix technology, we have created a shield of pyramidal matrices around the Earth with embedded programs that are daily fueled by energy information flows of our specialists and activated to implement the program of changing the trajectory of asteroids that can damage the Earth. Our experts remotely (without communication) are able to help an athlete or a team to achieve high results. Similarly, when the training of artists, businessmen, scientists, politicians, teachers, etc. In 1999 I carried out a remote work from Prague during the presidential elections in Slovakia. I guaranteed Rudolf Schuster that he would be elected as a President. The work was successful. In the future, I repeatedly conducted personal sessions with the President on the development of abilities and rejuvenation of the body, as well as provided him with medical assistance remotely. At the request of colleagues from Dnepropetrovsk Pisarenko Elena Petrovna, Pisarenko Arthur Vladimirovich and Mr. Komonov Vladimir Gennadyevich-Director of the program "Sea start", September 9, 1999, I was invited from Prague to Kiev for confidential work before the presidential elections. After a 40-minute session in the presidential office with Kuchma L. D., I gave him a 100% guarantee that he would be elected as a President. I carried out this work with Mr. Kuchma L. D. just because colleagues convinced me that in the event of coming to power, another President will make a collapse of Ukraine into three parts - East, West and Crimea.

Now, using super-strong and high-speed Absolute Divine technologies, me, my disciples and followers effectively and beneficially influence the society, create harmony, increase the energy potential of a person, give activity, health, peace, eternal youth, prosperous and happy life. Therefore, these programs can be directed for the benefit of Man, Earth and Space. Using these programs, we train first-class diplomats, managers - the elite of the world community. The presidents of the countries, using these technologies, will be able to get first of all 100% health, activity, eternal youth and non-alternative informational evolutionary system of humane management of the peoples of their countries.

HARMONIZERS - personal devices of new generation, one of the main tools of psycho-informational (PSY-IT) and subinformational (SUB-IT) technology of Professor A.V. Ignatenko which are working effectively at the MOLECULAR, ATOMIC and SUBATOMIC (QUARK) level.

     They are embedded in TWO (three - harmonizer series RAM) special FREQUENCY and VIBRATION of the card ( A, B and C) containing the energy-information parameters of all LEVELS of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, WITHDRAWN and consolidated with the help of bioinformatic generator (BIG). 

In addition:

  • Card A contains all the INFORMATION parameters of our UNIVERSE. 
  • Card B – the LAWS of establishment, DEVELOPMENT and IMPROVEMENT of the HUMAN SYSTEM of CONSCIOUSNESS. 

     A person and two (three) cards of the harmonizer work in unison as three (four) tuning forks tuned to the same vibration frequency. If to hit one of the tuning forks with  a special hammer, the other two begin to resonate (sound). Unlike tuning forks, while working with the cards of the harmonizer, the SOUL (consciousness and superconsciousness) of a person mentally works.


     It is enough to direct the mental gaze to one of The information Laws (each Of them has its own power – energy) on the card B, as two (three) cards and the human system begin to work simultaneously (resonate). Due to this, the human body automatically includes the INFORMATION of the LAW with 100% IMPLEMENTATION. As at this moment through the cards of the harmonizer, working in unison, to a man there is a powerful energy flow throughout the Universe.

   When considering working with the harmonizer set to the resonant frequency characteristics of all organs and systems of a specific person, the smooth flow in a huge amount of positive energy and information flow are ensured, required for full activity.

   In the process of working with the harmonizer through a minimum amount of time a person develops a stable spiritual and moral stereotype of positive thinking, speech and action, allowing him in everyday life and at work to exclude the production and consumption of negative information, unusual for human nature and stored in the anti-spiritual subtle Worlds of the Universe and go to the use of only POSITIVE INFORMATION, which is a POWERFUL SOURCE of birth in the body of various kinds of useful energy.

Even under the condition of carrying the cards of the harmonizer, they work automatically during the day, feeding the human body with a huge number of positive energy-information flows of the Universe.

We recommend three series of harmonizers: ROD, SB ("Success") and RAM ("Eternal Youth").


– for the acquisition of 100% health, the extension of active life and accelerated implementation of all the vital programs of the person, leading to welfare and happiness.

The method of working with the harmonizer ROD series.


- a special series for businessmen and managers that allows you to professionally predict and simulate the successful completion of tasks.

 The method works with the harmonizer series SB "Success".


- the new series "Eternal youth" is designed to work on the rejuvenation of the body and the extension of active life. Consists of 3 variable frequency of vibration of the cards.

 The method of working with the harmonizer series RAM "Eternal youth".

 With regular operation (1 min. 20 sec. three or more times a day) with the harmonizer in the human system a natural mechanism of 100% materialization of positive thoughts opens, greatly accelerating the process of their practical implementation in all spheres of activity.

 The harmonizers can be produced in the following languages:

  ROD-English, German, Italian, Russian, Slovak, French, Czech, Swedish;

  SB-English, German, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Italian;

  RAM-English, German, Russian.


 Harmonizer and neutralizer purchased at the author's seminars of Professor Ignatenko and through the Academy of Cosmic Humanism (Kiev), are set up personally by Professor A.V. Ignatenko!

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