Happy Victory Day!

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On behalf of the more than 200 thousandth community of Cosmohumanists of the World-Warriors of Light.
On behalf of the International Anti-Crime and Anti-Terrorism Committee.
On behalf of the Diplomatic Mission of Public Diplomacy.
On behalf of the Consortium, Information Justice.
On behalf of World Science.
On behalf of the Brussels New Golden Age Foundation.
On behalf of the International Cossack Unions and people of good will!
We congratulate you on the Great Victory Day! We wish you a peaceful sky, good health, long life, caring attention to Veterans and love for all the inhabitants of the planet Earth.
Eternal memory to the Heroes who gave their lives for our bright future.
In this bloody war, 3 of my grandfather's teachers were killed:
Ignatenko Melentiy Demidovich.
Ignatenko Ivan Demidovich.
Ignatenko Sergey Demidovich.
In a concentration camp in Yugoslavia, my Father Ludwig Kloss, an International Doctor, died.
I continue two lines of descent, as an educator, doctor, Educator, Scientist, and Warrior of Light who fights, mentally and verbally with his students, against the forces of evil, lies, violence, and darkness on Earth and in the universe.
Fighting for progress and Peace, on our beautiful Planet.
And I would like to conclude by addressing you with the words of the song Buchenwald Alarm:
"People of the World, stand up for a moment......
Hear, hear, buzzing from all sides, it is heard in Buchenwald, bell ringing, bell ringing, it flies, flies, over the whole Earth and buzzes excitedly."
People of the World be careful, take care of the World, take care of the World, take care, take care, take care of the World."




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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MAN AND THE UNIVERSE is a completely new and extensive topic of the courses of THE WORLD UNIVERSITY OF PSYCHOINFORMATICS TECHNOLOGIES OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM. Our Earth is an information product of the universe and at the same time an inseparable part of it. Space information constantly interacts with all the atoms and cells of terrestrial fauna and flora, as well as with their holographic information structures. We will present a number of aspects that are necessary for humans, such as the history of the appearance of our Earth and all forms of life. Then we will move on to the study of our entire multidimensional Universe, consisting of a subtle physical vacuum - information. We will study thoroughly 100 sublevels of the Universe with its subtly material inhabitants. We will master the topic " Scientific interpretation of the Holy Trinity and the Mother of God, models of creation, as well as the evolutionary hierarchy of Angels and other forms of life.
We are in the universe, and the universe is within us.
Thus, everything merges in perfect unity! COURSES OF THE WORLD UNIVERSITY OF PSYCHOINFORMATICS TECHNOLOGIES OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM announce admission to the Courses, which begin their work on May 28, 2021; those who want to get more information can contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. starting from March 22.

Courses of the World University of Psychoinformatics Technologies PSY-I.T.

kloss ignatenko
We are embarking on a new path full of hopes, achievements and positive emotions. In 2021, the courses of the World University of Psychoinformatic Technologies PSY-I. T. will start. In a world that is changing at breakneck speed, it is absolutely important to keep our source of positive energy and be filled with positive information that will help us and all our loved ones. The University's courses will be taught by Professor Albert Von Kloss-Ignatenko. Their programs will be equally focused on all people who want to become leading Leaders working on the formation of a positive vector of thinking in various spheres of public activity. Academician A. Kloss-Ignatenko, space scientist and prominent public figure, founder
Cosmohumanistic doctrine and 22 scientific directions. It is based on its rich, scientific, social, cultural and educational level, conducts a great educational activity. He has trained more than 200 thousand specialists in the field of PSY-I. T. He has published more than 800 scientific publications, he is the author of 16 books, and is known as the Man of the Future. Together with Nela Ignatenko, the founder of the European Development Platform, the Human Valences Foundation, the creator of the Neos Cosmetics brand, which emphasizes the role of essential oils for human health, and the organizer of more than 50 international conferences on interesting topics for human progress, we are launching a unique project.
The duration of the University courses is calculated for one year and after their completion you become the Leaders of the Third Millennium. During the weekly courses, you will discover methods of "fighting" viruses, pandemics, fear and stress, as well as methods of treatment with the help of the most powerful antiviral and anti-stress activators. The year 2020 changed the perception of life in many ways, and showed how important health is!. How much do We need to be strong, active and extraordinary people who are proficient in information methods, survival in extreme conditions, and a rapidly changing World? Therefore, we will focus on human health rehabilitation courses. The courses will be flexible, using texts, video classes for practical training, meditation for various ailments, and presentations of psychoinformatic technologies. The whole planet is changing! We are already different with you! At the seminar, you should evaluate your colossal powers and the opportunities that will open up in you! Evaluate yourself as a person because YOU are the most important person on Earth working globally for the benefit of the human planet, the environment, and the universe-because you are a Spiritual information Leader leading humanity into a New Golden Age of the Creator!

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