Nonverbal Electoral and Elective psycho-Informational political Technologies of the Third Millennium.

pic_01   Tony Baldary
President Of The Slovak Republic
Rudolf Schuster, Slovakia
  Tony Baldry, member of parliament
member of parliament UK

 "Today, as a space scientist, international public figure and educator with fifty years of experience, I represent two young Sciences about Man and the Universe. These Sciences have developed the most effective and powerful models of thinking, using 100 percent of the potential of human reserve capabilities, as opposed to the usual 2-3 percent. Scientists have also developed, tested and implemented nonverbal psychoinformatics technologies that allow better and faster to implement all vital individual and state programs."

Report on the work done during the presidential elections using psycho-informational (remote) political technologies in a number of countries

  1. Election Of the President of the Slovak Republic Rudolf Schuster-1999.

Participants: presidential candidate Mr. Rudolf Schuster, specialist-performer Albert (Alexey) Ignatenko, mediator-coordinator Yaroslav Gabor (four-time champion of Slovakia in kickboxing).

The work was carried out from the territory of the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation from 18.05.1999 to 30.05.1999.

The final stage of the work was carried out on 29-30. 05. 1999 from St. Petersburg.

  1. Elections of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma-1999.

Participants: presidential candidate (for the second term) Mr. Leonid Kuchma, specialists-executors Albert (Alexey) Ignatenko, Elena Pisarenko, Arthur Pisarenko.

The main organizers and mediators of the meeting (09.09.1999) with the candidate: Vladimir Komanov (Development Laboratory “Yuzhnoe”, Deputy chief designer, Director of the state program "Sea Launch", Vladimir Gorbulin (Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine).

The work was carried out from the territory of the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the Russian Federation from 09.09.1999 to 2000 until the end of the election campaign.

These universal psycho-informational political technologies allow to achieve the set goal with a guaranteed 100 percent result at the minimum expenditure of time, physical forces and means.

President of the world Cosmohumanistic League of Nations, Doctor, Doctor of Informational Science, Doctor of Psychological Science, academician of IPAMTS, Professor Albert (Alexey) Ignatenko.



Objective: to create conditions for the implementation of the project “+1” in the territory of the State in 2018

 Activities and methods for the implementation of the project “+1”

 1st level - basic

  •     Nonverbal methods of reorientation of society using subinformation matrices.
  •     Remote psychoprogramming in work with partners and other categories.
  •     Methods of psychological and informational protection of individuals, groups from negative bio-technogenic influences.
  •     Technologies of social and psychological means of situation management.
  •     Diagnostics and modeling of group and mass phenomena.

 Work plan:

 1) Preparatory period:

 Personal psychoanalytic work of the SPECIAL GROUP

 with LEADER and team - 8 days by 3 hours

 Training. Practical training - 2 days by 6 hours

 2) Further work with the LEADER and the team during the election period:   

  - on contact - 2 times a week

  - remotely 5 times a week

 3) the final period:

    Complex subinformational work of the SPECIAL GROUP with the society during the last month and day “X”

The use of the latest psychoinformatics technologies during the election campaign allows to carry out in the shortest possible time:

  •     training of the leader and his team with the introduction of a new matrix thinking apparatus;
  •     formation of psychological and informational protection for the individual and collective;
  •     remote programming (reorientation) of society according to the given leader (positive) program;
  •     forecasting and modeling of a specific situation with its subsequent guaranteed implementation


Based on the previous results of the work of the SPECIAL GROUP, it is expected to double or more the number of potential voters

Level 2 - perspective

(if there is an additional order in the post-election period)

  •     Methodology of forecasting social development.
  •     Eniopsychological methods of prognostics in politics.
  •     Eniopsychology and eniosuggestions in politics.
  •     Development of all kinds of memory.
  •     Mastering the techniques of using the hidden (reserve) capabilities of the body.
  •     Methods of increasing the energy and information potential of man.
  •     Methods to eliminate the effects of stress and fatigue.
  •     Anoperating Express control method organs and systems of your body.
  •     Methods of elimination of uncertainty, fear, acquisition of system, purposefulness and willpower.
  •     Eniopsychological contact-training on development of personal "magnetism" (the ability to attract people).
  •     Acquisition of skills of professional testing and formation of collective taking into account psycho-informational compatibility.

  Relationship between the party leader and the special group

  1. The work of the special group is carried out in absolute confidentiality.
  1. All relations between the leader and the head of the special group should be carried out in direct contact.
  1. In case of emergency, to avoid loss of time, communication between the leader and the head of the special group is provided at any time of the day.
  1. All emerging issues related to the elections should be resolved without delay, within the prescribed time and in the full planned volume.

Society and The state of the Future.

Psychological and informational Technologies Of training of the Elite of the World Community for heads of governments, congressmen, diplomats, public and political figures, employees of the administrative apparatus.

Purpose: training of personnel for creation of highly spiritual and highly intellectual harmoniously developing conflict-free society and the state. Mastering the methods of development and use of human reserve capabilities for survival in extreme conditions.

Science of  psychoinformationology gives the keys to mastering techniques for greater accessibility to:

  •     Development of social and psychological management tools.
  •     Diagnostics of group and mass phenomena.
  •     Forecasting of social development.
  •     Achieving rapid, effective and conflict-free solutions to international problems.
  •     Deepening of international cooperation and mutual understanding.
  •     Creation of optimal conditions for the harmonious coexistence of all peoples and faiths.
  •     Improvement of the national gene pool.
  •     Restoration of natural resources.
  •     Sustainable economic development.
  •     Gaining the credibility of the International Community.
  •     Reduction of expenses for support of internal and external security of the country.
  •     Strengthening the country's sovereignty.
  •     Elimination of crisis situations

Presidents of countries, applying these techniques, acquire:

  •     Love and respect of the people.
  •     International recognition as a leader of the world community.
  •     Perpetual control of the country.
  •     Mental and physical comfort.
  •     Long active life.
  •     The possibility of maximum self-realization.
  •     Powerful psychoinformational protection.
  •     The ability to form psycho-information programs, their transfer over long distances with subsequent implementation.
  •     The unquestionable authority of the Creator of the harmonious world order and its source.

Based on the previous results of the work of the special Group and the scientific and educational show, it is expected to double or more the number of potential voters

Exclusive elite seminar of extra-class cosmologist and educator with a world name Professor A.V. Ignatenko

"Spiritual and information leaders of the third Millennium"

   You have a chance to become the world's first harbingers and leaders of the new evolutionary era of mankind. By conducting this unique seminar, Professor Ignatenko will give each of You the ancient and most modern information KEYS to work with success motivation matrices. They have been tested in the buried laboratories of the world for 50 years.

These matrix keys will allow each of You to:

  •     Become the world's best specialist in the field of psycho-information technologies (PSY-I. T.), applied in various fields of activity and rise to the highest social, social and economic levels.
  •     To acquire the most valuable Divine Gift-100% health, eternal youth, successful, happy and joyful life.
  •     Engage a new model of thinking. In contrast to the usual, using 1.5-3% of the potential abilities of the human system, this model uses 100% resource, accelerating by 97-98. 5 % the speed of implementation of vital programs.
  •     Master the work with special matrices of super-motivation of a successful leader.
  •     To understand the laws and mechanisms of negative and positive information, as well as to know the truth of the Essence of Being.
  •     With regular work with matrices (2-3 minutes 3 times a day), the natural mechanism of 100% materialization of positive programs is launched in the human system. It speeds up the process of their practical implementation many times over. This allows the shortest way with minimal time and physical effort to achieve the goal. In the process of working with matrices, a person develops a stable spiritual and moral stereotype of positive thinking, speech and action, allowing him to exclude the production and consumption of negative information in everyday life and at work.
  •     The matrices will help you create the life that You have every right to, that comes To you in your dreams and that you program your thoughts to. So let it be prosperous and happy!

Plan of the seminar.

  1. The presentation of the film. Who owns the information, owns the world.
  1. Information is the source of life. Classification of information.
  1. Thought is material (photo of materialized thoughts).
  1. Eniopsychological training – method of controlling all the organs and systems of the body.
  1. Meditation "your destiny is in your hands"
  1. 12-level system of human consciousness and its Spirituality. Micro-Macro-COSM. 12 spiritual and informational laws of man.
  1. Bioinformatics and bioenergy of the person.
  1. Methods of increasing the energy-informational potential of a person. Exercises #1,2,3.
  1. A new noospheric-stellar subinformational thinking complex-SST (photo-quarks).
  1. Introduction and consolidation of a new thought complex.
  1. Practical development of work with the new SST.
  1. Psycho-informational technologies at the service of the world community. Practical development of the acquired knowledge.
  1. The development of mental methods of formation and transportation of matrices with subsequent implementation.
  1. Meditation "I  am Micro -, Macro-Cosm", which allows to increase the energy-informational resource of matrices.
  1. Mobilization of hidden reserve opportunities to achieve financial success. Practical methods of development of superintelligence, memory, will, determination, consistency.
  1. Meditation "the Matrix power of thought, strength of spirit, strength of faith".
  1. Mastering the methods of survival in extreme conditions.
  1. Mastering the program "anti-terrorism".
  1. Methods of working with various classes of matrices of some great motivation a successful leader.
  1. Matrix methods of protection against negative information (personal, regional, global).
  1. Psycho-informational contact training on the development of personal magnetism (ability to attract people).
  1. Matrix of modeling of group and mass phenomena. Nonverbal elected and the election of the psycho-informational technologies.
  1. Meditation of initiation into the spiritual and information elite-leaders of the third Millennium.

At the end of the seminar, a certificate of international standard is issued.


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