of space scientist A. A. von Koloss-Ignatenko

a hereditary count, philosopher, active public figure and educator of world renown, who made an outstanding contribution to the development of spiritual and moral Informatization of the civilizational community. more detailed>>

 The purpose of his life is to create a single and indivisible Cosmohumanistic Civilization A new Golden Age of the Creator. Civilization of highly spiritual, intellectual and physically healthy people with genius abilities. Who profess the philosophy of Love, Goodness, Light, the Doctrine of Peace and live by the Cosmic Laws of the Heavenly Father.

The main achievements of this contribution are:   

1) Cosmohumanism - the Teachings of the Golden Age of the Creator, transmitted to earthlings in April 1991 through energy-informational contact with the subtle worlds of the universe. more detailed>>

2) "Cosmohumanistic Doctrine Of The World". (1991) more detailed>>

3) GLOBAL UNIFIED COSMOHUMANISTIC SYSTEM (GUCS). In 1991, he created, tested and successfully implemented the scientific, spiritual, moral, educational and pedagogical World unified Cosmohumanistic System (MEX), offering a new cosmohumanistic model of reforming and building civilization. more detailed>>

4) Global project - " Cosmohumanistic Civilization Of the new Golden age of the Creator, the ecology of the soul, earth and space." (1997) more detailed>>

5) Step-by-step plan (3 stages-36 years) of formation and development of "COSMOHUMANISTIC CIVILIZATION NEW GOLDEN AGE of the CREATOR". more detailed>>

6) Creation and establishment of the world Cosmohumanistic League of Nations.  28 departments. (2008) more detailed>>

7) Establishment of the world cosmogumanistic Organization of the United Nations (UNCC) of a new type, using the most modern in the world Spiritual and informational laws of Man and the Universe, excluding all negative manifestations in life and forming a new cosmogumanistic (human) world order. (2010) more detailed>>

8) Establishment of three New sciences of the Golden age of the Creator: Cosmoeniopsychology, Psychoinformationalogy and Cosmonoenioufology. (Registered in 1999) more detailed>>

9) Creation of a new classification for all types, forms, classes and levels of subtle and gross material information. (1997) (for graduates)

10) Creation and development of the 21st scientific branch included in the international classifier of scientists and given birth to 21 new specialties of the third Millennium. Unified nomenclature of specialties codes and ciphers, academic degrees in mku 3000. more detailed>>

11) Creation and development of universal verbal and non-verbal psycho-informational technologies (PSY-I. T.). Approved and applied in various fields of activity. (1997) more detailed>>

12) Author's development of more than 40 new models of human thinking apparatus of the future - Subinformational complexes of thinking (SCM) more detailed>>

13) Creation of more than 28-and PSY-I. T. technologies:

    Three modifications of personal soliton-informational harmonizers of ROD, SB, RAM series. more detailed>>

    Neutralisers, more detailed>>  

    Activators-28 modifications. more detailed>>

    Four modifications of bioinformatics generators (BIG) more detailed>>

14) Author's development of "Absolute Life time Management System". (2014) more detailed>>

15) Global project on elimination of terrestrial, near-earth, social and space cataclysms. (1997) more detailed>>

16) Author's development and implementation of "Absolute system of Civilization Management". (2006)

                            (closed topics)

 logo system

17) Author's development of pedagogical programs of 25 seminars on development of abilities for "Leaders of Spiritual and Information Elite". (1988) more detailed>>

18) Author's program of the new system "Training of sports stars". (1998) more detailed>>

19) Author's project "VIP-center of beauty and eternal youth". (2003) more detailed>>

20) Scientific and educational program "Magic matrix of thought power" (part I) and "Matrix of life time management" (part II). (2001) more detailed>>

21) Publication of 16 popular science books, in many countries of the world. (1991 - 2019) more detailed>>

22) Creation and realization of complex programs on "Rehabilitation of spirit, soul and body". (1966) (for graduates)

23) Creation and implementation of PSY-I programs for infertility treatment. (1982) (for graduates)

24) Creation and implementation of programs 8-and PSY-I forms of remote impact on humans and the environment. (2015) (for graduates)

25) Discovery, development, and implementation of copyright paraphenomenal psycho-informational abilities. more detailed>>

26) Author's development of the system of nonverbal contacts at the conscious level with 48 Extraterrestrial evolutionary Civilizations, information fields and the Pyramid of the Universe (from 1991 to 2001 he was trained by Spiritual Teachers of the Subtle Worlds) more detailed>>

27) Creation and application of "Global PSY-I medicine of III-Millennium". (from 1975-1998) (for graduates)

28) Creation of "PSY-I security system for all modes of transport". (1996) more detailed>>

29) Creation and implementation of psycho-informational elective and pre-election nonverbal political technologies of the third Millennium. (1999) more detailed>>

30) Creation and implementation of the "System of global psycho-informational security". Individual, group for countries and the entire civilization. (1991) more detailed>>

31) Creation and implementation of "PSY-I. T. climate control system of the earth". (1985-1991) more detailed>> (video up to 14 minutes 14 seconds)

32) Creation and implementation of PSY-I training programs for special police and army units. (1987) reference 1>> and reference 2>>

33) Creation and implementation of Global PSY-I systems to reduce negative information in the population of the globe and the universe.  (1991) (for graduates)

34) Creation and implementation of PSY-I "Anti-terroristic Program". International anti-criminal antiterrorism Committee.  (2009) more detailed>>

Grand doctor of philosophy, Grand doctor of psychoinformatics, Grand doctor of psychoinformatics medicine, Grand doctor of cosmoeniopsychology, doctor of biological and energy information Sciences, Grand doctor of international security, Professor, full member of many national and international Academies, awarded orders, medals of the Czech Republic, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, the USA and many countries, the highest academic awards, participant of more than 60 International congresses, symposia and international salons, and is the author of numerous scientific publications.

 Member of the Union of Russian-speaking writers in the Czech Republic. Author of 16 popular science books, more>>. Laureate Of the international competition "Elite of informationologists of the world" (1998, Moscow-Brussels). Laureate of the International competition. Antonietta Azzaro-Labisi in science, education, pedagogy, medicine (2014, Italy-USA, etc.). more detailed>>

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