New Golden Age Of The Creator

Using the QR-code on the activator card, you will get to a special page of the site for charging two matrices (large and small) of the activator, which open your brilliant abilities of a Person of the New Golden Age of the Creator, and give 100% health, eternal youth and happy life. You also get a super strong motivational tool in the form of a Fiery Golden Matrix of the Creator, transferred to us from the Universe for the implementation of the global project for the preparation of The Man of The Third Millennium.  


Technique for charging two activator matrices 
(big and small).

1) Take a card with two matrices in your right hand and place it at a distance of 20-30 cm from the screen at which they are directed. Within about one minute, the rotating ball-matrix produces their powerful space recharging, and two bioenergy information generators (BIG) fix its frequency response.

2) After this time, unfold the card with two matrices to you. For about one minute, mentally enter into a small personal matrix all the programs that are vital for you. For example: 100% health, eternal youth, a happy life, the most complete self-realization, etc. Then mentally direct the small ball into the large one on your card.

3) After that, unfold the card with its face to the screen and bring it 5-10 cm closer to the rotating ball, for about one minute. After finishing, ask the Creator and all his Hierarchies that are in the Pyramid to implement all your vital programs. Give thanks three times.


activation card    Activation card

Note: This video can only be viewed once per 12 hours. (from 9 to 21 hours)


Matrix charging time is 3 minutes.
Your personal activator is a pass to the New Golden Age of the Creator.


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