VIP seminars

2019 - 2020


  1. Course Cosmoeniopsychology module 1, code: 37.070
  2. Course Cosmoeniopsychology module 2, code: 37.070
        Specialty: Cosmoeniopsychologist-consultant


  1. Course Psychoinformationology module 1, code: 37.071
  2. Course Psychoinformationology module 2, code: 37.071
       Specialty: Psychoinformationologyst-consultant


  1. Course PSY-I business, Economics, personnel management, code: 20.036
       Specialty: Psychoinformationologyst in the field of business, economics, personnel management


  1. Course Subinformational genetics, life time management system, code: 06.078
        Specialty: Psychoinformationologyst in the field of lifetime management


  1. The Course  of psycho-informational medicine of the III Millennium module 1, code: 31.067
  2. The Course of psycho-informational medicine of the III Millennium module 2, code: 31.067
        Specialty: PSY-I Healer-rehabilitation therapist


  1. The Course of psycho-informational pedagogy module 1, code: 29.073
  2. The Course of psycho-informational pedagogy module 2, code: 29.073
        Specialty: Psychoinformationologyst-teacher


  1. Course PSY-I climate control, code: 04.066
        Specialty: specialist of PSY-I climate control systems

  1. Course Psychoinformationology of global security, code: 16.009
        Specialty: PSY-I global security specialist

  1. Course PSY-I political technologist module 1, code: 39.010
        Specialty: PSY-I political technologist


  1. Course PSY-I politician module 2, code: 39.010
        Specialty: PSY-I politician  


  1. Course Cosmology Of the new Golden Age of the Creator, code: 03.012
        Specialty: Cosmoeniopsihologyst-cosmist


  1. Course Training of sports stars, code: 30.006
        Specialty: PSY-I trainer


  1. Course Absolute system of civilization  control, code: 24.023
        Specialty: PSY-I civilisation management specialist


  1. Course Leaders of the World Spiritual and informational Elite module 1, code: 40.009
  2. Course Leaders of the world Spiritual and information Elite module 2, code: 40.009
        Specialty: Leader Of The World Spiritual And Information Elite

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    The diploma is issued after completion of all courses.


    Graduates of the courses are awarded a special sign-order.

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